Dream About Lord Shiva

Dream About Lord Shiva: Good Or Bad Luck?

Shiva the devout of all the people in this world. Shiv Ji is the power mostly he is known as the the destroyer and the most powerful. He is beyond us and we all are his depots. We are his children and he always protects us but if someone does bad he always punishes them. But what if you have a dream about lord shiva? To know the reason why Shiv Ji has come into your dream, read this article till the end.

Dream About Lord Shiva

Every single person has desires in their dreams while sleeping but a very small number of people get to know about the meaning of their desires. Similarly, a lot of people dream about Lord Shiva but most people do not know about its meaning. If you have seen Shiv ji in your dream it means that now the troubles in your life are going to go away in your dream. This dream is also known as very auspicious. This dream is generally known as a sign of progress and growth.

Dreaming of Lord Shiva means you will get good and positive results in all actions in immediate future.

Is Dreaming About Lord Shiva Good Luck?

Several people mostly ask who is dreaming about Lord Shiva’s good luck. As we know dreaming about Lord Shiva is not our personal choice. He has come as a blessing for you in your dream so it is surely good luck. And it can never be a bad lack when see god in a dream.

What Is The Reason Behind Seeing The God Shiva in A Dream?

A lot of people have a question in their mind which is what is the reason behind seeing the God Shiva in a dream generally? The reason behind this dream is that Lord Shiva is now here for you. You might be struggling in your life and you have done a lot of good things and because of your good “Karma” Shiva has come to protect you and he has given a signal to you in your dream.

Seeing Shivling of Lord Shiva In Dream

Seeing Shivling of Lord Shiva In Dream

If you saw the Shivling of Lord Shiva in a dream you are a lucky child. You are a blessed child, we are saying as children because we all are a child of Lord Shiva. The dream of a Shivling indicates victory destruction of troubles in your life, and the loss of wealth.

Seeing Shiv Parvati Together In Dream

Seeing Shiv Parvati Together In Dream

We all are a blessed child of Shiv and Parvati. And if you are the one who has seen Shiv Parvati together in a dream, so we are gonna consider you as a most blessed person as very rare people have seen this dream till now. This dream indicates you of a new prospect that is now at your doorstep. Very soon you are going to see great news of income, food, grains, wealth, and some more things.

Seeing Shiva Dancing In Dream

It is considered that whoever Lord Shiva dances which means that he does Tandav so it is a symbol of aggression and passion. If you have seen Shiva dancing in your dream. So this dream means that now all of your problems in life are going to be resolved.

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Dreaming About Shiva’s Trishul

Lord Shiva Trishul also known as Shiva trident, indicates that the Bhagwan Shiva is above three states, walking, sleeping, and dreaming. he has maintained all three states, if you have seen a dream lord Trishul, it has a connection to the past, present, and future. The trident relieves every single trouble of your life from which you are suffering.

Seeing Shiva Statue In Dream

The statue of Lord Shiva in a dream is expressing your feelings for Shiva. he is in your heart and you always pray to him and he is with you in every single situation of your life.

Seeing Angry Lord Shiva In Dream

You might be scared if you have seen Lord Shiva in a dream but be relaxed and happy as this dream is nothing bad, this dream is angry at all the people who are doing bad to you, and Shiva is going to publish them as you are his child.

Dream About Lord Shiva Meditating

If you have seen a dream about Lord Shiva’s mediation this dream means that Shiva is giving you the power to do anything.

Seeing Shiva Temple In Dream

If in a dream you have seen a Shiva temple this dream means that you are going to be blessed with two sons in your future. This dream also refers to your recovery from an illness.

  • How Do You Know That Lord Shiva Is With You: Lord Shiva is with all the people who always believe in him and they have good karmas.
  • What Does Shiva Symbolize: Shiva symbolizes a destroyer of darkness.

Dreaming about lord Shiva is a blessing for you. He has come into your dream and has given you an indication that all of the problems in your dream are now going to be resolved. So be careful and work hard as he is with you.






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